Odoo Accounting: Automation & Accuracy

Seamless integration of powerful accounting tools and​ your daily operations.​​​​​​

Real-Time Financial Reporting

Odoo Accounting Software offers real-time financial reporting, enabling businesses to track:

 Cash flow

 Balance sheets

 Profit & loss statements

... and many more. Transforming financial reports into insightful dynamic analysis.

Efficient Invoice Management​

Odoo Accounting simplifies invoice creation and management. 

 Generate professional invoices 

 Track payments

 Manage receivables

 Enhance efficiency in invoice processing & customer interactions 

while simplifying all communications involved.

Automated Bank Reconciliation

Experience smooth and efficient bank reconciliation with Odoo Accounting. Automate the matching of bank statements with corresponding transactions, reducing manual data entry and errors. This automation ensures accurate financial records and saves valuable time.

Customizable Chart of Accounts

Tailor your accounting to specific business needs with Odoo's customizable chart of accounts. Adapt to various accounting standards, manage multiple currencies, and set up country-specific tax rates, ensuring compliance and flexibility in your financial operations.

Why is Recre​a​te your 
best digital transformation partner?

100 % Odoo Project Success

Our team consistently delivers successful Odoo projects, ensuring optimal performance and client satisfaction.

90%+ Client Retention Rate

Over 90% of our clients return for additional services, reflecting their trust 
in our expertise.

Expertise in Digital Solutions

We possess deep knowledge in digitalization, offering innovative Odoo solutions for Hong Kong businesses.

Hands-On ERP Expertise

Our extensive hands-on experience in ERP design and realization sets us apart 
in the industry.