Key Features of Odoo Project Management

Boost efficiency with Odoo's project management features

Invoices and Timesheet Integration

Easily manage invoices project milestones and timesheets directly within your project dashboard for streamlined billing.

Customizable Kanban and Gantt Views

Visualize your projects with flexible Kanban and Gantt views, adapting to your workflow.

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

Collaborate in real-time with cross-functional members, assign tasks, and communicate effectively, making sure all tasks are handled in a timely manner. 

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights with advanced reporting tools, analyzing project progress and profitability. All parties would be on the same page, and keep the clients and management posted in real-time. 

Automated Task Management and Scheduling

Automate task assignment, scheduling, and tracking to ensure timely project completion.

Why is Recre​a​te your 
best digital transformation partner?

100 % Odoo Project Success

Our team consistently delivers successful Odoo projects, ensuring optimal performance and client satisfaction.

90%+ Client Retention Rate

Over 90% of our clients return for additional services, reflecting their trust 
in our expertise.

Expertise in Digital Solutions

We possess deep knowledge in digitalization, offering innovative Odoo solutions for Hong Kong businesses.

Hands-On ERP Expertise

Our extensive hands-on experience in ERP design and realization sets us apart 
in the industry.